SYSTRA Ltd and SYSTRA-TSP win High Speed 1 joint bid
20-03-03 16:08
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SYSTRA Ltd has won its first joint bid with SYSTRA-TSP in a team to work on the Project Integrator Services Framework of High Speed 1 Ltd (HS1).

​​​​​HS1 is looking to appoint up to three companies to provide Project Integrator services under a framework that will run for up to seven years. We will be working with project management consultancy Schofield Lothian, and architecture firm Chapman Taylor.

Julie Carrier, SYSTRA's UK strategic sales director commented: "This win demonstrates the strength of our combined offering that clients want to buy and gives us great confidence for our strategic pursuits in 2020."

A tough bid

This was a particularly challenging bid, the final submission being almost 400 pages long, so special thanks go to Cyril Le Goff, Senior Bid Manager at SYSTRA. Martyn Ayres, Regional Director at SYSTRA-TSP and Rosario Barcena, Bid Director at SYSTRA are working closely on mobilising staff.


The Project Integrator will provide a wide range of skills, experience and capabilities in successfully managing and executing programmes across the entire project lifecycle. The services range from Project Management, Governance and Commercial to Design, Engineering, Construction Management, Testing and Commissioning, including handover to Operations and Maintenance. Special attention will be given to the respect of our national heritage when approaching London, as St Pancras railway station is a listed building.


A strategic reference for SYSTRA

HS1 is a key target client for SYSTRA and has funding to enhance and renew its infrastructure and assets, now more than ten years old, and to keep up with increasing passenger demand. We were a founding member of Rail Link Engineering, the consortium responsible for design, project management, procurement, construction and commissioning of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link project from 1996 to 2007, so we have a thorough understanding of HS1's infrastructure.​​